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Learn all about PREP, click here[1]

Learn all about PREP, click here[2]

The PREP Program (PREP) is where families, who have a child with Down syndrome, find expert advice, innovative services, and best of all, hope, for their child’s future. The goal is “inclusion for life” and that begins in the home, continues at school, then leads to an independent life with a meaningful job. Parents connect in a welcoming, supportive community that accepts their child’s disability yet challenges them to expect more.

PREP partners with government, community sponsors, and individual donors to provide educational, therapy and family support services that enable each child to achieve his or her own unique potential and help parents become their child’s best advocate.

At PREP it is all about “inclusion for life” and it is happening in Calgary first!

About PREP

Our dedicated staff are here to support families along their unique journey of parenting a child with Down syndrome.  Our goal is that each becomes a contributing member of the community, enjoying all the rights and responsibilities that being a caring, contributing member of the community entails. We welcome families from out of town, province and country to visit PREP on a Outreach basis. Parents can book a speech-language therapy consult for their child or meet with an Inclusion Strategist and access resources from PREP Links.


The Woodridge PREP Centre is pleased to provide our families with current resources on Down syndrome, child development and parenting. In addition, articles are available for download on our website. ‘Like’ PREP on Facebook[3] and visit our page regularly for inspirational stories and photos. Join a community of  caring parents who share your journey.


PREP offers programs for children with Down syndrome from 14 months – 18 years. Signing-up is easy as parents self-refer. A great first step is to book a tour of the Woodridge PREP Centre. Our Family Support team will be pleased to answer your questions and assist you with registering. Please contact, Annamarie Zobatar at (403) 282-5011 ext. 125 or email at annamarie@prepprog.org[4] to book an appointment when you’re ready.


Private Speech-Language Therapy
In addition to weekly programs parents can also register for private speech-language therapy[5] , reading tutoring or private occupational therapy consults. Appointments can be weekly, biweekly, or occasional depending on your child’s needs.

Inclusion Resource Centre
Discover the potential in every student!  The Inclusion Resource Centre is the place to learn best practices for including students with Down syndrome in regular classes, community activities, and the workplace. Click here to read more >>

Partners in the Community:

Click here to read more![6]

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  2. Learn all about PREP, click here: http://www.prepprog.org/wp-content/uploads/PREP_Overview_Booklet_May_15_2017.pdf
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Shaw Charity Classic 2017

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Canyon Meadows Golf & Country Club

August 30 – September 3

Click here to read more and get your tickets[1]

Birdies for Kids Ticket Offer (Single Any One Day, Weekly Badge) – PROMO CODE: BIRDIES2017[2]

PREP is honoured to be chosen as an Official Charity Partner!

Our Students, Families, Board, & Staff can enjoy…

How does AltaLink’s Birdies for Kids work?

In addition to the major donation above, PREP is also registered for Birdies for Kids. In 2016, the tournament contributed $5.2 million to 124 local charities. Donations to PREP can be made online at shawcharityclassic.com[3]. PREP receives 100% of every donation collected on our behalf with no fees and receives up to 50% in extra funding through the generosity of AltaLink and various corporate sponsors who sponsor the matching program.

Let’s make this event a great PREP team effort…more information updates to follow soon. Thank you in advance for your support!

Birdies for Kids Ticket Offer (Single Any One Day, Weekly Badge) – PROMO CODE: BIRDIES2017[2]

Click here to read more and get your tickets[1]

  1. Click here to read more and get your tickets: http://shawcharityclassic.com/
  2. Birdies for Kids Ticket Offer (Single Any One Day, Weekly Badge) – PROMO CODE: BIRDIES2017: http://www.prepprog.org/wp-content/uploads/Birdies-for-Kids-Ticket-Offer.pdf
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Introducing Natalie Pentney

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I am very excited to be joining the PREP Program as the Community Outreach Coordinator. I have a passion for education and helping each individual student reach their full potential.

I have previously worked as a kindergarten specialist with the Calgary Board of Education where I helped design and implement educational programs to meet individual student’s learning needs. Previous to that I worked as an English Language Learner Specialist and a classroom teacher.

I have completed my graduate studies in Inclusive and Special Education and look forward to helping to support families on their exciting and rewarding journey through their child’s school years.

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The Board of Directors honoured Gerry & Elaine Wood

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The Board of Directors honoured Gerry & Elaine Wood at a celebration dinner for their passion, heart and dedication to building PREP to where it is today. The Woodridge PREP Centre is a wonderful, lasting legacy of the Woodridge Charity Golf Tournament 1985 – 2015.

Although the tournament has ended the Woods continue to support PREP through the Woodridge PREP Partner Match.

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Inclusion in Community Activities

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Inclusion in Community Activities  – a focus on Down syndrome

Inclusion in Community Activities is a booklet created by PREP to inform and educate community/recreation providers about the benefits of inclusion.  Many already welcome children with special needs and want strategies to make each participants’ experience that much better.  The booklet is a great tool for you to give to your child’s camp leader, dance instructor, cub/brownie leader, or Church group leader, or any person involved in your child’s extra-curricular activities.

Please contact your Family Support Liaison for your copy

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Workshops and Events

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