PREP 4 – Jr./Sr. High

Where students learn to speak clearly and confidently…

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Who: Teens who have Down syndrome
What: Individual speech-language therapy, small group speech-language therapy,  and large group speech-language therapy
Where: Woodridge PREP Centre, 2004 12 Ave NW
When: September  – June
Why: To give each teen the opportunity to belong to a caring community that celebrates learning and challenges each individual to reach his or her potential.

Service Delivery Model

The PREP 4 curriculum includes the following options that staff will select based on group and individual needs:

Speak Better Speak Up Speak for Myself
Artic & Grammar Self Advocacy Application/Interview Skills
Social Conversation Making Friends After Grad  –  What’s next?
Phone Skills Bully Proofing Dating & Other Stuff
Social Thinking Social Media Relationships & Boundaries
Readers Theatre Public Speaking Volunteering

Our goal is that teens graduate PREP 4 with the tools to exude pride in self, demonstrate respect for others and be empowered to make continued progress in skills for independent living. We hope that all young adults with Down syndrome give back to the community in meaningful jobs and volunteer experiences.

Each week, PREP 4 welcomes students enrolled in many school divisions including the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Separate School District, Rocky View School Division and the Independent School Association.

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For PREP 4 parents requesting additional speech-language therapy services,

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PREP 3 - 4 Calendar 2016 - 2017

Woodridge Achievement Award

The award is given to a teen with Down syndrome who is an active citizen of Calgary in home, school & community life. One who has a strong sense of self worth and thrives on the challenges of staying included in school, sports & social activities. Appreciative of the ongoing support of family and friends, he or she knows the importance of giving back as a supportive friend and an able volunteer. A role model to peers and an inspiration to families of young children, others need only look at this person to see the potential and realize the benefits of ‘inclusion for life”.

Did you know:

  • learning objectives focus on improvement of communication skills, behaviour, self esteem, social skills, independence and healthy lifestyle
  • many of the PREP 4 teens joined The PREP Program as toddlers;
  • the P4 teaching team is Speech Language Pathologists, SLP Assistants, Education Assistants

To inquire about your teenager’s eligibility for PREP 4, please contact Bonnie Moschopedis (403) 282-5011 ext 121 or by email

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