PREP 1 – Early Learning

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  • Children from 0-3 are welcome to Early Learning
  • Classes are grouped by age
  • Children start off in a “Play Group” setting and then transition to a “Learning Through Play” class
  • Children attend with a parent, other family member or caregiver

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Welcome to Early Learning!

Early Learning is the first step of your journey at PREP.

Come and join us for a weekly parent and tot play group.

Early Learning provides a WARM PREP welcome to parents and their children.

The Early Learning Program is the FIRST experience families have with PREP and we strive to lay the groundwork for a TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP that will foster many happy years at PREP.

Parents learn to focus on the JOYFUL LEARNING and the Early Learning class provides a safe and fun environment for all.

A typical morning starts with parents and children ENJOYING a relaxed play time that includes circle time where children learn to initiate and maintain eye contact, sit independently, request a turn and imitate actions and sounds. Centre structured play areas where each parent receives direct instruction on how to help their child learn. A FUN craft activity is where parents are ENCOURAGED to explore different textures and materials with their child. Children really enjoy gym time climbing in and over tunnels, coming down the slide. Snack time is  a treat where children enjoy a snack while sitting  with friends.

There is much to CELEBRATE throughout the year as we see the children progress to first steps, first words and first friendships.

PREP believes that parents are their child’s most important teacher and play sessions are the best way to learn.

Individual Speech Consults

One-on-one speech consults are offered to families with our expert Speech and Language Pathologist.

Resource Staff

PREP’s dedicated Early Learning team includes a Teacher, Facilitator, Family Support Liaison, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Volunteers.


The only fee a family is required to pay is the annual Society Fee of $75.00.

The Early Learning Program is possible due to the generosity of Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority, donors and the fundraising efforts of our Board of Directors.

What our parents say

“PREP takes the stress off my shoulders. They understand the process involved in raising a child with Down syndrome and make the appropriate suggestions. All I have to do is enjoy my child.”

“The Early Learning Class at the PREP Program has been instrumental in the development of our son. He is thriving in the group setting and is learning so much from the other children, from his teacher and speech therapist. We can already see the benefits and progress he has made from attending the Early Learning class. As a new parent the support we have received from the staff at PREP and from the close group of mothers, caregivers and families has been a tremendous benefit to our family.”

“When we signed our 10 month-old son up for the Early Learning class at PREP, we were hoping to give him a great learning experience. What we didn’t expect was that he would be learning just as much as he is! The team of professionals lead us through an action-packed morning in a bright, welcoming environment from songs and centre time, to exercise and fun in the gym to parents connecting and sharing. Most importantly we leave each class with a renewed sense of optimism about our son’s future.”

“Early Learning classes at PREP have taught our son the beginnings of skills he uses in all aspects of life. A positive and supportive environment has helped our son and our family blossom in understanding the possibilities are unlimited in our son’s abilities. We love all the activities; our son follows instruction and creates something concrete to show his developing abilities. The class gives us such a sense of pride and watching our son’s joy and pride show from his achievement encourages us to bring that teaching into our everyday home life.”

“Thank you so much for helping to make PREP such a warm and friendly environment. We really enjoy coming! Thank you also for your positive insight!”

“Thanks for making our first experience at PREP so fantastic, we are looking forward to next year. Thank you for all your support!”

“Thank you so much for being such a positive influence in my child’s life. You have taught us many things and I am so grateful!”

“Thank you for all the fun and joy of learning you have brought to our son and family this year. We are very blessed to have been in your class and we look forward to the years ahead.”


To inquire about classes, book a tour and visit please contact Barb Nadeau at 403-282-5011 Ext.118 or email:

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